Analysis of methods for assessing the condition of surveyed facilities in Taraz City




technical inspection, concrete strength, non-destructive testing, comparative analysis, material strength


Due to the high demand for technical inspection services for buildings and structures, new equipment designed for use in certain conditions appears on the market. On this basis, this article is devoted to the analysis of existing devices and equipment for technical inspection of buildings and structures. The analysis of equipment was carried out during the survey of 8 facilities of Novozhambyl phosphorus plant in Taraz city. In the analysis devices for non-destructive method of strength measurement were used. Based on the results obtained during the tests, the analysis was carried out. Thus, the device UKS MG4 showed the greatest deviation in the measurements when testing the reinforced concrete structures than the devices IPS MG4 and sclerometer. When controlling the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures by electromagnetic method, the greatest accuracy of measurements showed the device Elcometer 331. The UTM-MG4 device showed a smaller error in measurements compared to a similar A1208 device. As a result of a comparative analysis of devices for determining the humidity of building materials Testo 606 showed a more reliable data, due to a different principle of operation relative to similar devices.


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