Editorial Policy

The goal: to foster discussions on contemporary challenges within the realm of physics, facilitating the exchange of innovative solutions and scientific insights among the international scientific, researches and experts.

Thematic Directions (Scope): 

Periodicity: quarterly (4 issues per year).

Article publication terms

To ensure the integrity of scientific research, authors need to adhere to international standards for scientific publications:

  • Research articles must be consistent with the stated purpose and thematic direction of the journal.
  • Research articles should contain their own deductions and interim or final results of scientific research, experimental and analytical activities, containing the author's developments, conclusions. Borrowings must be necessarily accompanied by a reference to the source.
  • The authors must guarantee that the article is original, that is, it has not been previously published in another resource in the current or similar form; the article has not been transferred to other publishers; settled interests related to copyright and the publication of the article, no translations of published articles in other languages are accepted.
  • Each original article ensures the replicability of the results of the study, describing the methodology of the study with the origin of the equipment and materials, methods of statistical processing of data, and other ways to ensure replicability.
  • Adding or deleting authors is not allowed during article review and acceptance for publication.

Type and procedure of review

Type and procedure of review are available by clicking here.

Archiving and Open Access Policy

Since 2023 Technobius Physics provides open access to its content on the journal's official website (https://technobiusphysics.kz/). Readers and authors can access electronic versions of the current issue of the journal and archives for previous periods. The published content is deposited into the PKP Preservation Network for preservation.

Publication ethics

Publication ethics is available by clicking here.