Comprehensive analysis of solar cell behavior: effects of light intensity, temperature, and operational modes




solar cell, , current-voltage characteristics, light intensity, temperature dependence, operational modes, thermal management, renewable energy, sustainability


This study investigates the current-voltage characteristics of a solar cell under varying light intensities, temperatures, and operational conditions to comprehensively assess its performance. The experimental approach involves measuring short-circuit current and open-circuit voltage at different light intensities and constructing current-voltage curves to analyze the solar cell's response to changing illumination levels. The dependence of open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current on temperature is also estimated to understand thermal influences on the solar cell's electrical properties. Additionally, the solar cell's behavior is examined under different operational modes, including cooling with a blower, operation without cooling, and light filtration through a glass plate. The corresponding current-voltage characteristics are plotted to evaluate the impact of thermal management and light modulation on the solar cell's efficiency and stability. Furthermore, the characteristic curve of the solar cell is determined under natural sunlight illumination to simulate real-world conditions. The findings provide valuable insights into optimizing solar cell performance for practical applications and sustainable energy systems. This research contributes to advancing our understanding of solar cell behavior under diverse environmental and operational settings, with implications for enhancing solar energy utilization and promoting renewable energy technologies. Future studies will focus on refining solar cell design and operation based on these insights to maximize efficiency and reliability in solar power generation.


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Author Biography

Ersaiyn Bekbolsynov, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Bukhara State University, 11 Mukhammad Iqbol st., Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Master Student


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