Features of the production of cement asphalt concrete using fuel ash





cement asphalt, plants, ash, waste, industry, building materials


In this work, the objects of research are cement asphalt concrete obtained on the basis of cement binder and bitumen emulsion, using as mineral additives, waste from thermal power plants, in the form of fuel ash of various types. The analysis of foreign and domestic literature on this topic is carried out. In order to reduce the amount of inorganic binder (cement) consumed, as well as modification of organic binder (bitumen emulsion), fuel ashes of two domestic producers, ashes of CHP-2 and CHP-3 of Pavlodar based on Ekibastuz coals, were studied in the work. The influence of fuel ash on the properties of binders used in the work, as well as the properties of cement asphalt concrete compositions based on binders using fuel ash, has been established. The features of the production of cement asphalt concrete using fuel ash are described. The results of testing cement asphalt concrete without the use and with the use of fuel ash are presented.


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